Getting married in Santorini?

Useful information for a perfect wedding in Santorini

Here’s what you need to know about weddings in Santorini. Divine Weddings in Santorini is here to answer your questions and help you to choose the best wedding package in Santorini for you.

Do you organize vow renewals in Santorini?

Yes, you can see our packages here: Vow Renewals in Santorini Please contact us for further information and we will be more than happy to help! We would like to let you know that for a vow renewal, no documents need to be prepared so the process is easier. The ceremony is the same as the civil ceremony but you will not receive a marriage certificate as the ceremony is not a legal one.

How long do we have to be on the island prior to the wedding?

We recommend you be here at least two days prior to the wedding in Santorini, as we like to sit down with couples beforehand to ensure that everything planned for the day itself is correct, and at least one working date after the wedding in order to make your final signature in the Town Hall.

Does the wedding package price include our guests?

Most of the pre defined packages on our website (unless otherwise indicated) are customized for the couple only so do not include services for guests. If you have guests please inform us so that we can be sure to send you our offer based on the number of guests that will attend.

Can I rent a Wedding Dress in Santorini?

Yes, it is possible to rent a wedding dress from the island for your wedding, however it is very good for you to know that this is a very expensive option and so if you can it is better to bring your dress with you to the island. Also it is good for you to know that you may need to have the rented dress altered to fit you, so you would need to be on the island for a few days before the wedding.

Can we get married on the same day of our arrival in Santorini?

Yes, you can. We have many couples arriving on cruise boats, arranging their civil marriage or vow renewal in Santorini, and departing the same day.

Do you arrange weddings in other parts of Greece?

No, for the moment we can only arrange for your wedding here in beautiful Santorini, as this is where our office and expertise is based.

If we cancel the reservation, will we get the money back?

Please see below our standard cancellation fees: 60 days prior to the wedding date, 400 Euros cancellation fees 45-30 days prior to the wedding date, 30% of the total cost of the wedding package 30-15 days prior to the wedding date, 50% of the total cost of the wedding package Less than 15 days, full payment Please note that the 300 euro deposit payment required to secure the wedding date and time is non refundable.

What is the best time to perform the ceremony?

Usually one hour before the sunset. The camera captures gentle & romantic colors. Sometimes, the day time is also a good time, depending on the period and weather, sometimes it can be too hot and the sun too bright for the camera.

We don’t have two witnesses for the ceremony.

We will be more than happy to provide the witnesses, so don’t worry!

When do we receive our photos?

Usually we try to ensure that you receive the DVD with the photos in high resolution before you leave. However sometimes it can take around 3-4 days to be produced from the photographer. If you have already left the island we will send the disk to you with registered mail, otherwise we will deliver them to your hotel in Santorini.

Where can we have our wedding reception?

Santorini has unique wedding reception venues. Depending on the number of guests we will propose several venues to choose from. more »

Do you arrange religious weddings in Santorini?

Yes, we arrange Orthodox weddings. Please contact us for the necessary details.

Is our civil marriage in Greece and Santorini legal?

Yes, the marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the Greek Government and accepted internationally. You will use the certificate to register your marriage back home when you have received it.

How do we obtain the marriage certificate?

We will take you to the offices of the Town Hall the next working day following the wedding ceremony where you will sign the legal marriage certificate. When we receive the two certified copies of your entry from the official book we will send them to you. Usually this process takes around 3-4 weeks following your wedding.

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